Pet Boarding:

Inclusive Boarding Kennel & Pet Hotel, With Dog Daycare! 

 We are a Private Dog Daycare & Dog Boarding Kennel/Pet Hotel in Derby, near Evans and Angola. We provide services to dogs, cats, other domestic critters and farm animals. At our facility, pets are never left secretly unattended while in our care, nor are they shuffled to a back room invisible to the public. Our smaller facility is open and inviting, visitors and guests can easily view and hear all aspects of their care and interactions from the lobby.


Weekdays: 7am - 6pm; Office Closed 10am to 1pm (No Check In/Out)

Weekends: 10am - 12pm



Why We Are Different:

  • We keep in mind what our guests needs are, and what they enjoy! Each pet at Golden Paws gets personalized attention and affection, basic training, socialization via play periods, and short rest periods as they need time to relax and refresh away from the rumble and tumble of their group!


  • Our Facility boasts RADIANT HEAT FLOORING! No more cold, concrete floors for Fido! Every pet also has an elevated bed.


  • While away, we give our clients plenty of options to receive pictures/video footage of their pet via "report cards," "individual text messages," & videos of daycare groups on our facebook page!


  • Pets in "suites" have video cameras that owners can access to view their pets in real-time! Daycare is also included, FREE!


  • Pet Passport Perks! Each pet staying in a suite is issued a "pet passport." Visit all 4 suites in a year and receive a FREE NIGHT OF BOARDING!


  • We believe that our smaller size and personalization to each pet reduces stress levels that would typically escalate from a large, crowded, and noisy dog kennel. We portray a "homey" atmosphere, with beds, toys, and plenty of attention from our staff. The facilities owners also live on site, thus animals always receive round-the-clock care.


  • All pets in our boarding program are eligible to participate in our playgroup/dog daycare while they are staying with us.


How To Set Up Pet (Dog/Cat) Boarding:

  • Please submit a "Pet Boarding Reservation Request" (below) for days your pets need boarding at Golden Paws. OR call 716-400-8431.


  • Submit a Boarding Deposit (completes reservation, & comes off total bill due at pickup.)Also be sure to sign all "Agreements."


  • We require a free meet & greet session to be scheduled at our facility with your pet, prior to any confirmed enrollment in our programs. This allows us to assess each pet's behavior and temperament to ensure that they would enjoy their time in our program. This also allows your pet to become familiar with our facility and to be at ease when they are left in our care.
Dog Boarding Kennel Registration Requirements:
Puppies (8 weeks and up):
*Proof of current vaccinations
(as required by age, titers acceptable)
*Healthy (no communicable diseases)
*On a Flea Treatment Program
Dogs (over 6 months old):
*Proof of current vaccinations 
(titers acceptable)
*Healthy (no communicable diseases)
*On a Flea Treatment Program 


Pet Boarding Reservation Request:

  • New & Existing Customers: Click on the following link: REGISTER HERE or you can call 400-8431 to make a reservation.


  Traditional Kennels: Suites:

Base Price:




Additional Animals:


$18 ea. $18 ea.
  • Radiant Heat Floor
  • Cot
  • Radiant Heat Floor
  • Custom Bed & Bedding
  • FREE Daycare
  • FREE Snacks & Treats & Special Meal Prep
  • Web-camera for owners to view Pet(s) LIVE!
Add On:
  • Daycare @ $7.50/day
  • Individual Play Time @ $7.50/day
  • Treats & Snacks @ $1/admin
  • Medication Admin:$1/admin
  • Special Meal Prep: $1/admin
  • Grooming Services: $10+
  • Individual Play Time INCLUDED FREE
  • Treats & Snack INCLUDED FREE
  • Medication Admin:INCLUDED FREE
  • Special Meal Prep INCLUDED FREE
  • Grooming Services: $10+






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