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Doggy Daycare: Socialization For Fido!


1st dog @ $22.07 


Additional dog from same home @ $16.55  


(Add-on to Standard Kennel Boarding: $10)


(Included FREE in Suite Boarding! )


We're not your traditional doggy daycare in the Southtowns. We teach dogs to constructively learn manners, engage in social exercise, and stimulate their brains! Every hour of the day is planned with a fun activity.

Dogs are worked with individually, as well as in a group.


Golden Paws Daycare Perks:

  • We host FREE holiday parties where clients receive custom themed photos, videos, treats, bandanas!
  • We serve ice cream & gourmet treats & post photos of your dog enjoying them!
  • We throw FREE pool parties to keep cool!
  • We throw FREE birthday parties for your pet & post a special birthday photo of them with hat & decorations!
  • We offer Nature Walks: Add on a 30 minute walk on our beautiful 15 acre farm & nature trails!  Your dog gets to meet horses, ducks, chickens, sheep, & a pig! Breathtaking photos with your dog & write-up from your's dog's point of view, texted to you & posted on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/goldenpawspcs/
  • We can offer a delicious Peanut Butter Kong add-on for lunch break!


Pets are able to play in a group dog daycare setting if:

  • They are social & friendly to all groups of dogs & people with no history of fights or aggression
  • They have no history of escaping enclosures or fences
  • They do not have severe separation anxiety or excessive vocalization

Dog Daycare Requirements:

Vaccines must be given at least 2 weeks prior to any reservation


Puppies (14 weeks and up):

  • Proof of 3 distemper/ parvo vaccines & can attend starting 2 weeks after 3rd vaccine was given
  • Healthy (no communicable diseases)
  • Dog-Friendly
  • People-Friendly
  • On a Flea Treatment Program


Dogs (over 6 months old):

  • Proof of current vaccinations (yearly titers acceptable)
  • Healthy (no communicable diseases) Dog-Friendly
  • People-Friendly
  • On a Flea Treatment Program
  • Males must be neutered by 6 months to participate in public daycare

A Typical Dog Daycare Day:


  • 7AM- 9AM: Dogs arrive and each dog has a quick few-minute relaxation period in their own individual area before they are introduced to the group. 
    • Dogs who arrive are often very excited, and putting them into the group right away can potentially be a problem, we take all precautions and measures to avoid conflict very seriously.


  • 7AM - 12PM: After they are relaxed and have settled down, dogs begin their "schooling" activities! Dogs are constantly monitored by our staff on hand, at all times. Toys and obstacles are provided, and they have access to constant water and to our play yard with their group leader. 


  • 12PM - 1PM: Mid-day is break time, and dogs are again taken into their individual kennels with their beds we provide and water. Snacks can be administered during this time, should the owners wish to provide them. Many dogs take this time to take a nap and rejuvenate for our next play period! 


  • 1PM - 6PM: Groups are formed again and social play resumes for the remainder of the day. 
    • Should any dogs show that they need additional rest periods away from the rumble and tumble of the group, we accommodate this as well! 


How To Set Up Daycare:


We require a free meet & greet session to be scheduled at our facility, prior to any confirmed enrollment in our programs.


This allows us to assess each pets behavior and temperament to ensure that they would enjoy their time in our program.


This also allows your pet to become familiar with our facility and to be at ease when they are left in our care. 


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