Why We Do What We Love:

Hi, my name is Vicki, and if you've stopped in, you may have already met me as I am actively involved in the day to day operations! But, I wanted to share a bit about myself and the reasoning behind my “why” that you may not know:

I decided to leave my job as a nanny in January of 2011 when my first dog, (Great Dane/Labrador that I rescued while going to Vet Tech school) named Mitzi, was diagnosed with IBS. Suffering from random bloat-like symptoms, Mitzi could not be left unattended. In December of 2011, Mitzi then was diagnosed with oral melanoma, the worst form of cancer in companion animals. Mitzi was turned down by Cornell University twice when I sought advice and treatment for her, as patients with this form of cancer are typically unresponsive to any form of treatment and prognosis is documented as extremely poor. I began researching and developed a special diet suited for dogs with IBS and cancer. We traveled to NYC and performed cryosurgery twice, which ultimately helped Mitzi regain her health for a while.


In 2011, I was able to launch Golden Paws Pet Care Services as a tribute to my dog, Mitzi, because the business allowed me to both work and monitor her as I brought her along with me to work. Our company was founded on the idea of helping those in need. I made it the company's mission to help other pet-parents who needed assistance caring for their four-legged friends. Because of this mission, we donate a percentage of our profits to local rescues and pet families dealing with cancer, all in Mitzi’s memory.

I am an equestrian competitor and have been riding since I was 8 years old. In my spare time, I travel throughout NY with my Morgan show horse, Roy, and we compete in the Western Pleasure division. I have attended school in the Business field as well as in the Veterinary Medicine field, and have expansive knowledge on animal training techniques and nutrition. I founded Students Toward Animal Rights (S.T.A.R.) in 2004 and am also the founder of Mitzi's Mission, a giant breed dog and horse rescue that was created to carry on Mitzi’s legacy.


All of my dogs and cats are rescued animals, because Mitzi was my first rescue that I’ll forever be greatful to have known and loved. Because of her, the inspiration to create a legacy of love and light has blessed me beyond measure. I’m eternally greatful for all of our wonderful staff, clients, family, & friends that support us and continue to share their trust in us.


Thank you for supporting a girl and her dog’s dream!


Important Info:


1759  Sturgeon Point Rd
Derby, NY 14047



716 400-8431 716 400-8431


E-mail: GoldenPawsPetHotel@Gmail.com


Daycare Hours:

M, T, W, & Th: 7-9AM Drop Off, 4-6PM Pick Up

(Lobby Closed 9AM-4PM)


Boarding Hours:

Weekdays: 7-9AM, 4-6PM Drop Off & Pick Up

(Lobby Closed 9AM-4PM)

Saturdays: 7AM-9AM Drop Off & Pick Up

Sundays: CLOSED for drop-offs/pick-ups

(We still provide care to pets here on Sundays)

Lobby Closed on Holidays

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