Why We Do What We Love:


Our company was founded on the idea of helping those in need. Golden Paws Pet Care Services provides care to all pets in WNY. Victoria Kurek officially launched the company in 2011, but had personally been providing care, grooming, and training for pets throughout WNY for many years prior.   Golden Paws Pet Care Services is located in  Derby, NY on 15 acres. Most clients come from the southtowns: Angola, Hamburg, Eden, Buffalo, North Collins, & Silvercreek.

 Victoria originally offered only dog related care at her facility, but in 2015 she added additional barns and pastures to the existing property so that horses and other livestock could be cared for there as well. In 2017 an addition was added onto the existing kennel, offering more of a "pet hotel" option as well as traditional dog boarding kennels.


Victoria decided to leave her job as a nanny in January of 2011 when her dog, Mitzi, was diagnosed with IBS. Suffering from bloat-like symptoms, Mitzi could not be left unattended, and was under constant monitoring while Veterinarians worked with Victoria and Mitzi. In December of 2011, Mitzi then was diagnosed with Oral Melanoma, the worst form of cancer in companion animals. Mitzi was turned down by Cornell University twice when Victoria sought advice and treatment for Mitzi, as patients with this form of cancer are typically unresponsive to any form of treatment and prognosis is documented as extremely poor. Victoria began researching on her own and with the aid of Smith Ridge Veterinary Center, began a special diet suited for dogs with IBS and cancer. They performed cryosurgery twice, which ultimately helped Mitzi regain her health. Victoria was able to launch Golden Paws Pet Care Services as a tribute to her dog, Mitzi, and made it her company's mission to help other pet-parents who needed assistance caring for their four-legged friends.
Victoria is an Equestrian Competitor and Instructor, as well as a Professional Pet-Sitter. She has attended school in the Veterinary Medicine field, and has expansive knowledge on animal training techniques and nutrition. She founded Students Toward Animal Rights (S.T.A.R.) in 2004 and is also the founder of Mitzi's Mission, a giant breed dog and horse rescue in NY. Being a foster parent herself for her local "Erie Co. SPCA," Victoria realized she could bridge the gap between animals in need and people willing to open their hearts and homes to help.
Pets and humans have a lot to give to each other. Research and experience has shown that animals and people can share their time and affection, and ultimately, benefit from full and happy lives.
Golden Paws Pet Care Services' main goal is to keep people and their pets together, and to assist families in WNY by providing excellent care for their pets. They aim to provide the proper care needed, in a fun and safe environment, so that all of the Golden Paws Pet Care Service's clients and their pets can continue to benefit from bonds of friendships and love, for many years to come!


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